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There is nothing like starting the new year with an incredible new talent. Neo started out as an intern at planet in Septemberof 2019 for a period of three months. Apart from the usual oompa-loompa duties, he helped supervise the production of the press kits for our movie Fly By Night whilst embarking on a three months intensive training working on TV commercials. Part of his training was researching for pitches and aiding planet’s directors in preparing their treatment notes. This opened Neo up to viewing commercial production from a very different perspective. He was tasked to help envision a film from it’s infant stage and from a very visual standpoint. After completing his internship, Neo returned to us a couple of months later to work on ad hoc projects whilst still assisting planet’s directors with their treatment research.

Having undergone this stage of his career development, Neo was then tasked to pitch on a few projects and finally landed a juicy digital film for a very progressive property development company. Neo showcased his talent for an impeccably art directed storytelling style for that film. The clients were ecstatic with the results and we were more than happy to keep his career trajectory moving forward.

Subsequent to that Neo was asked to pitch on a project, which all things considered was a shot in the dark. Surprisingly, the agency and clients loved his treatment and he scored a Chinese New Year greeting film for Hennessy. For the Hennessy film Neo complimented his very visual tone by introducing a comedic and whimsical story telling style with finely a balanced performance.

Neo has recently scored a film for L’oreal which we feel will further showcase his unique talent. And at 23, we believe his work can only get better.

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