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Zahirhas been busy sharpening his craft as a storytelling director for many years now, constantly experimenting with form and function. His trademark is a forte for slick visuals that he builds upon a solid base of empathy and heartfelt honesty. He applies this ethos across the range of his work, giving depth to his lifestyle work, and genuine comedic fangs to the humour boards he takes on.

A natural and captivating storyteller, Zahir believes in show not tell, the strangeness of fact over fiction, and that between those two points lies a reminder that we, as people, share more similarities than differences. Basically, you aren’t alone in your weirdness, you weirdo.

Zahir’s transition from a keen voyeur of human behavior to a visual storyteller has recently completed as he emerged from his chrysalis with the release of his first feature-length film, “Fly by Night”. It is currently receiving critical acclaim as it makes the rounds on the festival circuit.


film director of feature film “Fly By Night”

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