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Glico Wings
Indomie - Real Meat
Maggi Royale White Tom Yum
Mcdonald's Apple Pie
Munchy's Lexus (Girl & Mom)

King Voon’s credentials as a chef were forged in the flames of the Playboy Mansion kitchen, battling distraction to feed The Hef Himself. He emerged from that warren in tact, and since then has put together abody of work that has firmly established him as one of Asia’s most sought after food directors.

Known to be a fiery perfectionist in the first half of his career, King Voon could best be described as bold, brazen, and fiery. A personally eventful 2018 however, have given him much cause for reflection.

King Voon has now moved into a more measured and balanced phase of his filmmaking. Delving deep into his own culinary past, he’s revelling in the beauty, flavour, and creativity that comeswhen you strip everything down to its simplest, and most passionate forms. Nothing tastes better than soul food.

He considers himself blessed to do what he loves most: creating, tasting, bitching about, and shooting food.


Playboy Mansion chef turn food stylist turn table top director

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