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Nadiah’s journey has taken her from a BA in Advertising Design, to copywriting in an agency, and then to the TischSchool of Arts at NYU where she graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts in Film and Television, before coming back to Malaysia to dive into the turbulent waters of commercial directing.

She’s our most prolific director, constantly coming up for air from the advertising trenches to reinvigorate herself by shooting music videos and short films on the side, keeping her feisty creative spirit alive and kicking. Nadiah’s forte lies in narrative storytelling, beauty, and lifestyle boards. A mother herself, she’sincreasingly finding joy in shooting baby and children boards as well.

Nadiah is always in pursuit of genuine, organic performances that are always complimented by thought provoking and arresting visuals. She cites Iñárritu, Yasmin Ahmad, and coffee as her main influences, helping to keep her work honest, truthful, and caffeinated. These values all readily strengthen her filmcraft, and she’s currently flexing those muscles doing post-production on her debut feature length project, “MOTIF”.


Story telling | Kids | Beauty
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